HALFEST Tokyo is an integrated trade and consumer expo for Halal products and services. HALFEST Tokyo serves as a platform for Halal entrepreneurs specifically from the Micro, Small and Medium industry to promote their Halal products and services whilst strengthening their trade relations within the retail industry in Japan, the Far East and the ASEAN region. HALFEST Tokyo encompasses many trade activities to address the needs of these players in exporting across Japan, the Far East and ASEAN region as well as activities for the whole family such exciting competitions and product launches or demonstrations.

HALFEST Tokyo is scheduled to take place from 27th – 29th November 2018 at the Tokyo Ryutsu Center (TRC), Japan.

HALFEST Tokyo is open to the public from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.

HALFEST TOKYO welcomes everyone to the expo.

Absolutely, children of all ages are allowed at HALFEST TOKYO.

No, entry is free for all. However, you will be required to register at the registration counter.

  • To increase the demand for Halal certified products and services by creating more awareness and educating the public of the importance of choosing products and services with the Halal logo and embracing the Halal lifestyle.
  • To increase the awareness amongst local manufacturers and producers of the importance of Halal certification in strengthening the entrepreneurs’ positioning and marketing of their Halal products and services amongst Muslim consumers.
  • To provide a branding and promotion platform for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to position and promote their Halal products and services around Japan; and to mentor the SMEs to expand to international markets.
  • In lieu of the 2020 Olympics, Japan is opening its market for Halal products from around the world to be placed in their markets. SMEs should take this opportunity to be present in Japan for the next 3 years.

More than 380 companies are expected to participate in HALFEST Tokyo with 436 allocated exhibition spaces.

HALFEST Tokyo is open to all companies-small, medium and large enterprises as well as multinationals with Halal certified products and services. International companies with Halal certification from their country of origin are also welcomed to join HALFEST Tokyo.

The sectors featured at HALFEST TOKYO include Halal certified food & beverages; Halal certified pharmaceuticals; Halal certified cosmetics & personal care; Islamic arts & publishing; Islamic Fashion; Islamic investment, banking & Takaful; Islamic tourism & hospitality; machinery & equipment; Halal certified premises, Halal & e-commerce and government entrepreneurial development agencies & associates.


Beverages, confectionery, dairy products, dates, raisin and prunes, emulsifiers, additives, ingredients & flavouring, franchise or fast foods chain, frozen foods, Halal kitchen and restaurants, herbal based and healthcare products, pharmaceuticals, processed and ready to eat products, raw food material, sauces, seasonings and spices and snacks food








Around 10,000 trade buyers and public visitors are expected at HALFEST Tokyo.

Yes, HALFEST Tokyo is hosted by SHAPERS Japan Co,. Ltd., supported by Chiba Prefectural Government, in collaboration with Halal Industry Development (HDC) and with the strategic event & media partner Quaras Inc.

SHAPERS Malaysia Sdn Bhd (SHAPERS) is the largest Halal events management company in Malaysia, passionate about creating opportunities for businesses whilst promoting Halal to the world. With more than 20 years of experience in project management, SHAPERS has emerged as one of the leading players in the industry and is well recognised for organising world-class Halal events including the Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS), Halal Fiesta ASEAN (HALFEST ASEAN) and the World Halal Summit (WHS).

Over the years, SHAPERS has built strong alliances with Halal associations and organisations from all around the world. We have a solid reputation amongst our partners and competitors alike because of our passion and persistence in developing the Halal market. Thus, in assisting the growth of the Japanese Halal industry, we have partnered with a prominent Halal certifier in Japan to establish SHAPERS Japan Co., Ltd. in ensuring the success of HALFEST Tokyo.